In the year of 2060, the world has stepped iinto an era of virtuality.
With the acceleration of global warming, cities and metropolitan areas start to collapse.
Travel and in person events are falling away.

Remote-related industries arise, dedicated to fulfilling every human need necessary from everyday services like food delivery, to higher level of needs, like exhibition and gallery tours.

Sym, derived from synchronization, is a wearable chip plantation project for citizens worldwide. It is able to detect and extract memories and knowledge from the brain, and process them based on the algorithm that simulates identifiable emotions and perceptions. Sym stands as the core of the individual’s identity. As the technology of Sym has made the quality of living possible against the extremely deteriorated circumstances of isolation, it is known as the Sym Oasis era.
Sym-V, an abbreviation for Sym Vision, is the visual sensor derived from Sym implants that allows real-life visual sharing.

A cookie is a generator that customizesd the visual content when streaming in Sym.  Enabling the cookies when connecting to sym-V enables others to see what’s been on your mind, representingcookies once enabled a vision of your internet activity.

The trio represents the crucial base of Sym Oasis  2060 and how it functions. Sym represents the authorship of the individual while Sym-v represents the readership of the viewers. Cookie merges the two by reflecting both at the same time.

Scene One, Home,
10:26am, 18th June, 2060

Scene Two, Idyllic Island,
10:58am 18th June, 2060

Scene Three, Home,
18:26am, 18th June, 2060

Through selection and creation, the human-made is everything generated by human beings. The relationship between human beings and the human-made is a variable and a complication. The project is to explore the relationship between humans and the human-made in a landscape that is set in the future that is four-decade away.

By studying and speculating from the visual experience of an individual’s mudane activity, it is to exmaine how exactly the human-made is penetrated and engaged with the human being’s everyday life and how it ultimately reaches our identity as human beings.

The draft of the story came from my time of quaratine in Shanghai, December 2021. I started to write the story when I was locked in the room. A speculation about how later in the world, where remotes services are apart of the essential lives inspires me to builld up the story.

I have combined the story with half of personal experience and half of the speculation to discuss topics including the human-made, the visual experience and essentially what makes a human human. Later in thesis experiements, I have found the interactive platform to realize it and brought it to the experience. The name, you, through me, indicates the visual sharing of the two characters in the story but also suggest how the audience is ultimately seeing the story through my perspective.