“Smoke-and-Mirror” Prototyping and Interface Design
Just tune in, with your hands free.

Music Playing is an activity that could be associated with therapy treatment and self-indulgence. The flow of the control and interaction could be easy, and smooth, goes without saying. The goal of this project is to explore how the gestures controlled could be situated in the chosen scenario, a music-playing need is addressed without too much hassle of manipulating the application on the screen.Self observation of a ten-minute fighting the deadline. A workflow of echo and semantic feedback: making selections.

Observations of gestures in different scenarios

gestures that are neutral, easy to make,
easy to understand and consistent in line for the final gesture control for music.

The echo and semantic feedback are important to the gestural interface design.
like any interactive system, a two-way authentification is needed
for performing the task efficiently and accurately. 

It also serves as the bridge between the user and the interface when two-way communication is attempted. 

The design for echo and semantic feedback is the changing gradient color circle as the prompt.
When the gesture is made to awaken the system, it is activated and echoed
in the pink and blue gradient circle to provide confirmation to the user.

Then if the gesture is continually performed,
semantic feedback would provide the hint of the significant blue gradience to proceed.

The user flow reveals the journey the user experiences
when going through the different functions of the application.

The user testing provides crucial feedback to some of the design processes.
It helps to reflect from a user perspective on what could be developed and thought through.
A script is written with the following focuses.

The style guide includes the study of the color palette, the typefaces,
and the branding strategy for the entire interface design.

Style Guide Applied to Low Fidelity Testing

Style Guide Applied to High Fidelity Testing

Gesture Instruction Interface 

Interface wire frame overview

The green screen filmmaking is an essential part of the “smoke and mirror” prototyping process. To make it as realistic as possible, a green background is introduced for filmmaking. The challenge of it is to produce something that is almost as high-fidelity as a product video with the limitations of professional lightroom.