Experimental Form, 2022

Advanced Form Experiment
Independent Project

Instructor / Martin Venezky and  Rafi Ajl
Tools /  Photoshop and Indesign

A system that could repeat and refine the contrl of the toool, ultimately to vehicle the concept. 

Tangled is an experimental projects that explores, materials, tools and forms. The challenge is to develop a methodology, a controlled system that helps to generate an iterative process of work.

Through teaking conditions of a system each time, a different form of work is made with the selected materials. The work also links between 2D and 3, that works simultaneously to inspire one another.

The ambiguity of material, especially when photographyed with light inspires me to utilize it as a context for the message.

Reflecting on 2D, how the mold would adjust each time with a variable in the system.

The previous project, Inside & Out used a reusable rubber that could be reshaped when experiecing the change of the heat.

The thread acting as lines, surfaces and dimensions inspires me to use it as my  medium to explore the priciples & aesthetics of interactivity.

The 2D Exploration started with a development of paper folding, which is trying to explore the typo react to dimentionality.

Some tangled strings under a see-through context.

Thrugh Binding, the hedges share varieties of flexibility.

The 3D involves a hedge making process. A set of rules of weaving were introduced into the context. The iteration reflected thinking with the thread keeps shaping the forms and condition of the making.

Under lights, the degree of visibility suggest ambiguity of the texture of the form.