Made with riso and laser cutting, a poetic tribute celebrates creativity and growth of CCA MFA Design, the class of 2023.

Riso printing and Laser cutting crafted publication
The publication was featured in 2023 San Francisco Book Fair, july 2023

The year book of CCA MFA Design, Class of 2023. A collection of five books that derives from five senses, store a sharing memory of the class 2023 of CCA Design program. 

Riso works in a unique way by layering its specific color chanels together and forms a CMYK palette.
We have decided to create a blended color representation for some of the Q&A content collected.

By blending in yellow, flurosent pink and red in different ratios, it has created a beautiful and unique color texture on the paper.

The book was featured at SF Book Fair 2023 CCA Small Press on 14th - 16th July 2023, San Francisco.